Finding a great hamburger in Playa is extremely hard. I found this place at a current Facebook thread advocated by numerous individuals as the very best BURGER at Playa.

I needed to look it over. It was a great burger (that is excellent with Playa hamburger standards. A minor problem to tackle though if they would like it to be a superb hamburger: It was quite greasy. Our waiter recommended a bone fishing cozumel mexico trip we can take close to our hotel.

Service was decent.  It had been hectic so that they did well give the conditions. Cut the salt WAY back and merely provide salt onto the table if folks really need to cover them. Smoking.  It’s an outdoor location. However, the tables are close together, and you will find plant and tarp” ceilings,” so if you go tonight, bear in mind if you do not like smoke.  I ate.

Burger house this past year and returned throughout that excursion for the superb ambiance and food. Since this trip, I’d been craving a Mu hamburger annually and wasn’t disappointed when I returned. Now, I chose to test their lunch and WOW! I attempted the tostada with avocado and poached eggs that came with a beautiful salad while my husband cried in the waffle with ham, gouda cheese and bacon with walnut – a fantastic taste combination I would strongly recommend.  

Both meals were superb. The fresh squeezed orange juice along with the freshly produced green extract proved rather refreshing. This place doesn’t skimp on ingredients. The ceremony with the staff was exceptional and our host, Eduardo, was quite friendly and attentive.

I’ve recommended this place to other people for the beautiful hamburgers, but it’s much more. Breakfast in the courtyard was a gorgeous way to begin daily. We’ll surely return. Sitting at the dining table. Can’t think how great my meals were.  

Fabulous place and enjoyable support. Sergio was fantastic together with his recommendations and excellent attitude. Nice music. We will return in a few days. I was not hoping to come across a hamburger worth mentioning in Playa del Carmen. This is really a much better place than you would find back into the States.