We wanted a great relaxing lunch and researched this restaurant in the Grand Hyatt before we arrived. We weren’t disappointed! Service was quick and friendly, and the view was only spectacular.

The Hyatt Gran Plaza is a stunning resort with fantastic restaurants.

We regularly ate at the massive breakfast buffet that had something for everybody. We ate a fancy steak and lobster dinner one night, and many times we enjoyed beverages and snacks from the poolside bar. We did move into the restaurant place in the city; it is only a couple of blocks away, and we had a few great experiences in the city. Possessing that daily breakfast and coffee began daily right.

We ate here several times throughout our stay in the Hyatt. Breakfast was terrific with lots of choices and gluten-free bread. The buffet is priced too high for folks like us who consume in moderation, so we purchased from the menu and shared with the big pieces. 1 day it was just the buffet, and we needed to eat in the bar close to the pool. We ate here a few times for its convenience, initially, but kept coming back to the great, no-nonsense food, Superb service, and Affordable costs for 5-star resort dining. The guacamole is superb. Also, they had an extraordinarily fair and yummy breakfast (although I did hear the buffet was expensive ). Some guys there recommended the fishing charters by cozumel cruise ship pier as a nice trip for our party.

A wonderful spot to eat. The food is fantastic, beautifully adorned, excellently prepared, wonderfully flavored and ample portions. I had a fish dish, but I can not recall the title. It was quite possibly among the best meals I’ve eaten everywhere.

It was cooked to perfection, every ingredient had the ideal texture and flavor. I’ll eat this every time I see. It was about 3pm, and the area was relaxed. There’s outdoor seating directly by the first swimming pool of the Hyatt and approximately 10 steps from the shore. So that you get to see while eating.

For the life span of me, I couldn’t locate the menu online but determined based upon the fantastic reviews here to give it a go. I’d with fries and broiled salmon tacos. The guoc was good but not excellent, an enormous part but no real kick to it or exceptional taste. Three arrived in the purchase. They were very filling too. I recommned a lot La Cocina.