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Beautifully Decorated & Comfortable Rooms

This resort is centrally situated on the very lively streets in Playa Del Carmen. If you just step from the resort, the roads are lined up together with all the resorts and nightclubs. Hotel staff is extremely courteous. Breakfast is made new in the dwell counters on top floor regular using homemade salsa. Throughout our stay in 2017, there was some building work going on from the resort which led to a few alternative arrangements and early afternoon building sound but has no other complaints.

In a city that is known for large hotels and VRBO condos, it is lovely to discover a resort that’s merely rock-solid travelers’ resort. Clean, small rooms which are on the small side – ideal for a busy excursion in which you want a secure, well-located neat, clean, relaxing lodging. The staff is great and talkative: they recommended a cozumel jeep and snorkel excursion near to us.

The resort has a fantastic situated on 5th Ave., a pedestrian-only zone with stores, restaurants and pubs and it’s 1 block from the shore. The staff was so friendly, and the resort was very nice with a little pool along with a cute lounge area overlooking 5th ave. The resort was clean, quiet, comfy beds and the shower had high pressure and warm water. I’d certainly stay again.

There are just 21 rooms in this resort. If you want WiFi, request the password in front desk; the password to the placard inside the place isn’t valid anymore. Breakfast is included with all the room, and the breakfast terrace is quite beautiful, coated with palapas and well appreciated by two neighborhood women, which will make your breakfast to purchase.

The team are the heart and soul of this resort and made the experience exactly what it had been. Ivan and Humberto on the front desk had been super hospitable and the housekeeper Jesus did an excellent job daily cleaning the space.

There are two pools to cool off and lots of common areas to hide in and unwind (including one which overlooks 5th Ave, which means that you can maintain almost any room and get the best perspectives ). Safety is on the door so that you can go and come at any given hour of the day. Breakfast is basic but tasty and the type ladies are cooking will cause you to the pick of what’s on the menu.

The one thing I could fault was that the net was out and in compared to other areas I’ve stayed in about Mexico. If you’d like somewhere in one of the activity although not with the loud music of those nightclubs, then remain at Casa Ticul. It is a peaceful paradise.

Women for Hatch! Impressions of Politics in Iowa

Greetings and Happy Easter!

Last night I attended a fundraiser for gubernatorial candidate Jack Hatch. As a New Yorker, fresh from the cutthroat political forays of a very mature, very wealthy, and very “old family” kind of atmosphere, I found the vibe of this event to be so wonderfully refreshing. It was about the issues, the people, the giving and the food. By the way, my appetizers for this event were a smash hit! You can read more about those here.

Most importantly, it was about getting Jack in office by keeping it real. The women were real, the men were real, everyone was polite and honest. There was no insulting, name calling, or aggressive scandalous banter about Jack’s opponent, Terry Branstad. There was just the sad truth of the issues – Branstad has had 20 years of power, and in that has given too many favors out to those who would not help the Iowan succeed. Women for Hatch agree its time to do some spring cleaning in state administration and we’re starting with the governor’s office.

Jack Hatch is about women. Women’s rights and women in politics. He has announced that 50% of his directors, when appointed to governor, will be women. He supports increasing the minimum wage, encouraging growth in small business, investing in teachers, and creating affordable health care for all, among many other great things. If you haven’t checked him out, you should. He’s a great candidate that I fully support and would be a welcome reprieve from the 20 years of Branstad governing this state has survived. Details of why you should vote for Jack can be found at Hatch for Governor.

Back to the party. This state is truly remarkable. As a political scientist, I’ve studied the campaign system, election cycle, caucuses, etc. but I’ve never had the opportunity to attend anything but a town hall meeting or other very open and public event. Even when things are open in New York, they fill up quickly. This state boasts a smaller population with with ten times the political fervor and participation of New York. I’ve been here 3 months. I was already invited to a fundraiser and I’m going to help Cynthia Paschen who is running for Iowa State Senate promote her campaign by putting up lawn signs. In New York, I applied to countless internships, and even called up politicians to ask how I can support their campaign. The only option I was ever given was to front money. As a college student, money was not an option. The only politician that would meet with me was the then Senator, Hillary Clinton, and even then I had to track her down at a upstate New York promotion she was holding at my undergraduate college and wait in a line for two hours to shake her hand and have 5 seconds to say something. Introductions would have been a waste of time.

Its not her fault. Its the name of the game in New York. Politics is such an old business there that your name has to be Rockefeller or Kennedy or you have to have millions of dollars to get somewhere. Politics is old in Iowa too, but its cleaner, nicer, more polite, and full of opportunities. Take for example, a man I met from Jack’s team last night. He has 600 times the experience I have and he’s 2 years younger than me. Iowa provides opportunities – even D.C. opportunities (of which the finance manager has) that I would never have had when I was 1 of 300 bajillion other aspiring hopefuls from a nameless family in the poorest county in the state.

I’ve fallen in love with Iowa, its countryside, its people, and its politics. I’m looking forward to November, the caucuses, and voting in a state where politics is not a dirty business, it is respected, celebrated, and participated in by many. Where a thriving purple zone shows the true friendly competition of a diversity of views. This is one of the few states left where the race isn’t won in the primary folks, its still won in November and I myself am looking forward to that!

That’s all she wrote, folks!

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