I do not usually spend much on a resort, but it was worth it! Casa malca has been the signature of luxury that everybody should experience at least once in their own lives. I am hoping I get the opportunity to go to again.

Would recommend for life or maybe only a beach/lunch/dinner trip.

We’ve always loved this location but this season since a returning guest we believed that a vast improvement in comparison to last year that was already nearly at the very top. I think they’ve almost reached the perfection concerning services provided, quality of food, air, the kindness of folks working there with their cozumel shore snorkeling suggestions and also the ideal blend of pieces of artwork exposed in character.

We had been favorably impressed by the standard of food at breakfast (buffet was released ), quality of bass in lunch (ceviche was excellent ), pasta and pasta (much better than that which we have in Italy!). Honestly, the costs aren’t cheap. However, I feel the quality value the fees they charge for components are between the finest on the planet, and you’ll be able to handle the ideal mixture of ingredients in each dish that they prepare. Simone did an excellent job in additional enhance something rather hard to improve. Perhaps not-alcoholic beverages are a bit pricey.

Men in the Restaurant are extremely typed and fantastic. I love to devote a couple of words for Gabriel how assisted us in allowing our breakfasts to be excellent. Elixir and Juan, two quite kind exact men, continually smiling and very focused on attempting to let’s have the very best encounter we could have.

Front desk men and swimwear (this newest office imposed and revived ) always use the goal to fix every type of difficulty you may have, remember that you’re on vacation and have to unwind, have fun and also have the very best experience you can at this location. The manager accountable, Eduardo, when I am incorrect with the title, is quite efficient! Was fine too to meet Jesus again, an extremely kind and effective man.

Beach was very clean even though there were a few (not so far) sargasso; the net connection is super stable and fast today!